escape the ordinary


 p r i n g   i n t o   a c t i o n

with rebirth and renewal as blooms become full of color and almonds ripen for the taking to pair with ruby chocolate


c r e a m s  c a k e           

dates  &  destiny

essence of floral and cardamon with rose petals and orange zest floating on a bath of spiced yogurt. all sitting on orange cream and date crust


p i n k   c h a m p a g n e   c a k e   

form before consumption

with notes of sweet vanilla flavor and a bit of tangy-ness.  layers of moist cake and peppered tulip petal jelly is adorned with pink tulips and pistacio soil.

small world

c h o c o l a t e   t r u f f l e   c a k e   

triple chocolate core scented vanilla shell with assorted covered chocolate nuts floating on a bed of sea salted caramel and edible blossoms.

Pieces of Chocolate

having a ball

c h o c o l a t e   t r u f f l e   c a k e  

chili pepper aztec chocolate cake with layers of candied hibiscus flower jam covered in shards of bittersweet chocolate, sugar beads and fresh phalaenopsis

 crust not included

s p r i n g   c h e e s e c a k e  

uniquely paired cheeses including a french brie, balanced with fennel pollen, raw honey and brushed with fresh sour cream.  floral scented with edible miniature orchids.  to be served with accompanied bag of graham crackers for a truly unique


bowled over

g e l é e   &   c r e a m   c a k e   b o w l    

vanilla cake layers and ruby chocolate raspberry bowl, filled with strawberry fruit gelee cubes, rubbed metal sugar crystal texture.


flour purse

c a k e  

deep chocolate layers and vanilla tones, fresh strawberries in a balsamic reduction, fruity and slightly floral with subtle tropical nuances.  citrus flavor with edible blossoms
and wafer tissue.

almonds & pearls

c u s t a r d   p i e                   

vanilla and almond custard filled pie
adorned with salted caramel pearls, lavender cream dollops, topped with edible lavender sprigs.


bon bon cherries

p o u n d   c a k e                    

rich triple chocolate pound per pound cake drenched in a balsamic, chocolate chunks & cherry reduction.  sprinkled with lavender sugar.


m i n i   c h e e s e c a k e s     -    i n q u i r e

party favours

fun party pass-arounds of my signature cheesecake.  covered in dessert herbs and seasonal floral petals.


n o t   c u p c a k e s           -           i n q u i r e

cube . cakes

the alternative to a cupcake. 
seasonal flavors and pairings.  
flavor shown; champagne cake, vanilla cream, sugared rose petals, bee pollen and saffron.


party favours

m i n i   d e s t i n i e s        -       i n q u i r e

essence of floral and cardamon with rose petals and orange zest floating on a bath of spiced yogurt. sitting on date crust.

flower bun

l a r g e   s w e e t   b u n s         -         i n q u i r e

large cinnamon buns drenched in hibiscus syrup and sprinkled with toasted almonds


n e w s   +   s o c i a l

j o i n

thank you & welcome!

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