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atomica cookies

mixing futurism post war shapes from the architectural GOOGIE style that's so unique to southern california and one of the most favored types of cookies, the shortbread .

here are 2 inspired collections with seven nostalgic GOOGIE shapes that the post war era promised with a starry - eyed and hopeful view of the future .
cookie size 4 . 5 '' - 5 . 5 '' 

custom cookie molds exclusively made for cake & cakes.


the  t e x t u r e d  box

inspired by the textures and weaves of the mid century textiles .

baked and decorated with sugars that have been infused with 
elegantly subtle flavors dominating the inside and outside of the cookie .

flavors :  raspberry sugar,  salted caramel ,  espresso sugar,  ginger sugar,
habañero sugar,  lime lavender sugar,  and vanilla bean sugar

7 large cookies in gift bag
a rainbow of ribbon colors available


Screen Shot 2022-08-18 at 9.32_edited.jpg

the  l a v a   r a i n b o w  package

inspired by the LAVA GLAZE technique used in the mid-century ceramics and rainbow colors .
i created this collection as a reminder to never forget the courage and strength
it took others before us and how not to become complacent or ever take for granted
some of the privileges we now practice .   

flavors : classic scottish vanilla shortbread
glazed with vanilla bean and 100% plant-based food coloring

7 large cookies per clear top box



thank you & welcome!

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