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atomica cookies


mixing futurism post war shapes from the architectural googie style that's so unique to southern california and one of the most favorite types of cookies, the shortbread .

here are 3 inspired collections with seven nostalgic shapes that the post war era promised with a starry - eyed and hopeful view of the future .
cookie size 4 . 5 '' - 5 . 5 '' - 100% plant based food color

custom cookie molds exclusively made for cake & cakes.


t h e  m o o n i n g d a l e ' s  b o x  was inspired by chemical elements and fashion .
t h e  a t o m i c  c o l l e c t i o n  is based on mid century print art .
 t h e  f l o w e r e d   r a i n b o w   c o l l e c t i o n  is for the continuation of pride .


the  m o o n i n g d a l e ' s  box

could have been the gourmet cookie gift box jane jetson
might have found at her favorite department store, mooningdale's
galactic haute couture sparkle with a hint of Pucci, Laroche and Rabanne .

these luxury cookies are decorated with edible gold and silver leaf,
pearlescent dust and crystalized spices . 

flavors : aleppo peppered chocolate, ginger - turmeric, cherry - orange,
fleur de sel - pistachio, coconut - cardamom, sour lemon - lavender, saffron rose

7 large cookies in gift box


the  a t o m i c  box

inspired by the GOOGIE style of architecture Lautner created
that is so iconic to southern california .
decoration and colors inspired by modernism art prints .

flavors : raspberry sugar, salted caramel, espresso sugar, ginger sugar,
habanero sugar, lemon zest, chocolate

7 large cookies in gift bag


the  f l o w e r e d   r a i n b o w   package

a reminder to never forget the courage and strength it took others
before us and how not to become complacent or ever take for granted
some of the privileges we now practice .   
flowers & rainbows are always good signs of an optimistic future

flavors : strawberry, orange, lemon, coconut, peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate

7 large cookies per bag


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thank you & welcome!

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