escape the ordinary


m i d s u m m e r     a k e    d r e a m s 

with nature beautiful and fruitful: it burst, peaks its activity, and allows for most of the fruits to bare their flavors

kiwi  me  away

p a v l o v a              

pavlovas are heavenly delites sent by the gods from new zealand.  an indulgence of three types of kiwi sitting on a bed of frothy creams.  sprinkled with candied pistachios drenched with passion fruit and honey.

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cutler leaf cake

g e r m a n   c h o c o l a t e   c a k e

deconstructed german chocolate cake.  double chocolate cake ring filled with a coconut + pecans filling.  sitting on a espreso sugar, smothered chocolate ganache cookie.   decorate with a bitter chocolate leaf, sugar raindrops and a single orchid.
serves 1 - 6


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v a s e   c a k e         

aiming high

vanilla bean cake acting as a capsule to a white chocolate, orange and mascarpone filling.  an extra layer of marzipan ads to texture.  glazed in vanilla citrus and adorned with a phalaenopsis spray, candied blood oranges and sugar rock candy.  

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into the woods

c a k e   l o g           

cheesecake-like chocolate mousse log.  this will transport you to the mountains where fresh summer scents abound.  tarragon, pine nuts,  and spices are wrapped in layers of chocolate and crumbled cookie crust.  dusted with sweeten matcha tea, crumble nut soil .  vegan available.

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m i n i   s ' m o r e s   v a s e   c a k e   

summer in japan

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This s'mores-like cake with chocolate sponge and limited edition rose berries is covered in torched italian meringue.  small in size , with impactful taste.

s u n k e n   c h o c o l a t e   t a r t

on chocolate pond

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decorated with sugar and marzipan lily pads, sugar candy, , sponge and sugar blossoms floating on a pool of chocolate

Green Apples

four to a lb.

v a n i l l a   c h o c o l a t e   f r u i t

silky smooth vanilla chocolate filled chocolate shells housing a apple chutney core.  suggested way to  eat . . . grab one out of the bag and bite into it!

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divide and crumble

silky blend of vanilla bean almond sponge, fruit layer  almond crumble with mint petals.

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an apple a day

silky vanilla layers of lemon and pistachio and apple compote encased in white chocolate .  biscotti soil.  who needs an apple pie.

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w h i t e   c h o c o l a t e   f r u i t s 

out of the box

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white chocolate enveloping the citrus preserve core.  covered in a sunset colored chocolate shell.  what a way to wake up a loved one or yourself, with fruit and


IMG-2887 (1).jpg

po u n d   c a k e 

bananas/tamarindo fosters

banana bread with luscious caramelized bananas and pulpy tamarindo fruit sugar and butter.  this is an elevated banana bread.
serves 8 - 12


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c o r n   b r e a d          

lavender corn

untraditional but fluffy golden.
caramelized honey crusted with tones of lavender scents.
finished with raw honeycomb, rosemary and
vanilla beans.

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fruit optional

eating a dessert the same way as picking a fruit off a tree and holding it with your hands makes for a memorable experience.  filled with sweet and tangy layers of

nature's bounty and

her aromatics. 

eat with your hands. no utensil required.

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pineapple me over

h u m m i n g b i r d   c a k e      

southern heritage flavored reminds of balanced sweetness of bananas, pineapple and pecans.  covered with simple savory frothy buttercream.  adorned with dried pineapple flowers

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crust  not  included

s u m m e r   c h e e s e c a k e  

uniquely paired cheeses including a french brie, balanced with papaya/grapefruit, agave and macadamia.   a unique experience

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where the wild things are

c h o c o l a t e    w r e a t h   

hand molded semi-sweet chocolate wreath entangled in wild berries, chocolate covered almonds and edible young blossoms.chocolate leaves and sugar powder.

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cube . cakes

n o t   c u p c a k e s         -        i n q u i r e

the alternative to a cupcake.
custom flavors depending on the season.
flavor shown; pistachio, lemon drop and vanilla bean.

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you have just found the spot for unique cakes in palm springs


thank you & welcome!

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