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t a r t 

guava float tart

lusciously creamy guava spread over vanilla bean cream.  accentuated by a floating pastry barge filled raspberry sugar and edible blossoms.
serves 6 -12



e n t r e m e t 

cake in bloom

custom flavored
mirror glazed in white chocolate and infuse with floral essence.  
serves 6 - 12

IMG-2841 copy_edited.jpg


12" mille feuille

with two pink mousse lemons,layers of pastry cream, meringue, rose petals, fruits ribbons and more.  this will create a very intimate experience that includes a rose.
perfect for valentines.
serves 8 - 16


versatile cake

layers of love

this beauty is versatile. 
vegan or not!  with essence of floral and cardamom with rose petals and orange zest floating on a bath of spiced yogurt or coconut milk.  sitting on orange cream and date/nut crust.  
included in the wedding issue of palm springs life magazine 2023.
serves 8 - 16
Start at $155 - $170


Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 11.52.49 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-01-29 at 11.52.56 AM.png
unnamed-4 (1).jpg
unnamed-3 copy.jpg

the "open . heart" chocolate box

loaded white chocolate shell heart revealing a miniature garden of delights. 

with chocolate cake, hazelnut and tart cherry preserve. 

pistachio macaron, chocolate dipped cherry, and edible tulip bloom

sprouting through a pistachio and freeze-dried raspberry soil. 

serves 2 - 8



p i e-t a r t

cherry tart-pie

with a square peek-a-boo top, this peppered balsamic glazed cherry pie will change things up.  combination of pie and tart crusts.
serves 8 - 16


IMG-3363 (1).jpg

p i e

apple rosette pie

perfect non-traditional apple pie guaranteed to blend into the outdoor garden eating experience. lusciously tart grannies made into rosettes with a central core filled with brown sugar and spice blend filling.
serves 8 - 16


IMG-9795 copy.jpg


rose water tart

salted pistachio rose syrup pannacotta tart.  dressed in roasted petals and pistachio confetti.
serves 8 - 16



v a n i l l a   b e a n   -  w h i t e   c h o c o l a t e  c a k e       

out of the box

vanilla bean and a housed blend of poppy and chia seeds cream between multi-layers of vanilla cake.  house in a white chocolate sculpted box, hand formed sugar petals and leaves and edible pansy blooms.
specially created for easter 2022.
serves 4 - 8 but custom size available.
starting at $165


c h o c o l a t e   c a k e 

bloody chocolate cake

layered chocolate sponge,chocolate ganache, fresh blood oranges, coffee & raspberry sugar, red velvet moss and edible pansy blooms.  available in flourless version.
serves 8 - 24
$125 - 145 - 165

IMG-3002 (1).jpg

chocolate hive cake

d a r k   o r   w h i t e   c h o c o l a t e 

AZTEC chili pepper  chocolate cake with layers of candied hibiscus flower jam covered in shards of bittersweet chocolate, sugar beads and fresh phalaenopsis.
serves 6 - 12          dep. on dia.
$155 serves 6 - 8
$185 serves 10 - 16  

AIDA vanilla bean cake with layers of violet flower jam covered with shards of white chocolate.  sugar beads and seasonal fresh edible blossoms.

serves 6 - 12
dep. on dia.
$155 serves  6 - 8
$185 serves  10 - 16    


 crust not included

s p r i n g   c h e e s e c a k e  

uniquely paired cheeses including a french brie, balanced with fennel pollen, raw honey.  floral scented with edible miniature orchids.  to be served with accompanied bag of graham crackers for a truly unique
serves up to 20
$135 - 150 - 175


porcelain chocolate saucer

 custom flavors                                 

layers of chocolate mousse, fruit preserve and sponge cake.  Covered in ruby chocolate velvet finish.  adorned with a hand pulled porcelain colored sugar  orchid.



m u l t i   l e v e l   c a k e s 

desert xscape

custom made to your flavor profile.
shown: turquoise blondies first introduced at desert x event, second cake structure in vanilla bean, chocolate espresso ganache and vanilla-lemon sugar cream.  top cake structure vanilla bean sponge, vanilla/lemon buttercream covered in vanilla mirror glazing.
customize you xscape.
serves 20+
starting at $200 



e n t r e m e t 

sugar shell

vanilla bean madeleine crumble, citrus strawberry compote, chocolate ganache enveloped in dark chocolate mousse. 
ruby chocolate shell.
sugar fossil shell work.
strawberry rocks and raspberry sugar.
edible pansies  
serves 8 - 10


brilliance bundt cake

variety of citrus flavors, cardamom and vanilla.  generously glazed in deep orange and rose and sprinkled with candied orange peel.

$125 serves lots



The "little pink cake"

your choice of pink champagne and strawberries or pomegranate and champagne flavors

soaked sponge cake with a white chocolate mirror glaze.  topped with sugar worked rose and sugar pearls.  feeds up to 6 adults

$160 serves 2 - 8



v a n i l l a   b e a n   c a k e 

spring landscape

japanese sponge cake.  heavy amounts of vanilla bean in this buttercream.  white chocolate and caramel toppings with crumble and lemon sugar centered with freshly made lemon curd center.
serves 8 - 16



roasted strawberry 

pound cake

chunks of fresh strawberries and vanilla pound cake.  smothered with a strawberry, cinnamon and vanilla bean glaze and ROASTED strawberries. Package for a valentine day gift.
for clients, family, friends, employees,yourself. 


. . .  and don't be wasteful, use the cinnamon stick & the vanilla bean in your tea!

where the wild things are

c h o c o l a t e    w r e a t h   

hand molded semi-sweet chocolate wreath entangled in wild berries, chocolate covered almonds and edible young blossoms.                   $200



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